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Enhance your Shopify store with our Custom PC Builder Module, allowing customers to build and customize their own PCs seamlessly.

 Key Features

– User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation with real-time updates.
– Comprehensive Catalog: Latest components with detailed specs.
– Customizable Templates: Pre-built and saveable templates.
– Enhanced Customer Experience: Personalized recommendations and secure checkout.
– Backend Integration: Real-time stock updates and detailed analytics.


– Increased Sales: Attract and convert tech-savvy customers.
– Customer Satisfaction: Offer personalized configurations and information.
– Operational Efficiency: Streamline inventory and order fulfillment.
– Brand Differentiation: Stand out with a unique shopping experience.

Getting Started

1. Install: We will install the module to your theme
2. Customize: Add components and set rules.
3. Design: Match the builder to your brand.
4. Launch: Promote to your customers.


Enjoy 24/7 support and regular updates. Transform your Shopify store today with our Custom PC Builder Module.