How to update PHP in WordPress?

How to update PHP in WordPress?

May 2, 2020

These days WordPress admin panel asking to update the PHP version. So how to update PHP in WordPress? I am here to help you with this question. I am an expert WordPress developer over 10+ years of experience.

So, first of all, please try to understand that, what happens when you update the PHP version. Why we need to update it, After that I will come to point how to update it.

What happens when We update the PHP version in WordPress

When we update the PHP version on the server. We get updated functions and new security modules released by the PHP team. Also, the PHP team remove some outdated functions. We can check that at PHP official website.

Why we need to update PHP version in WordPress

As we understand PHP team releases new security modules and enhancements in the update. These enhancements help a website to run smoothly. Also, protect the website from Bugs and Viruses. So that’s why its important to update.

How we can update PHP version in WordPress

So now final point is how we can update PHP version in WordPress. Please check below steps

  • First of all, take your website and database backup. We can use WordPress plugins to do so.
  • Now go to Cpanel find PHP version option select that option.
  • Check dropdown given for different PHP versions. Choose the latest version and update that.
  • Now review your website all modules. If any issue reverts the PHP version back to the previous version.
  • If you don’t get any issue then successfully you updated the PHP version

If we get any issue in the update then revert back to the previous PHP version and Hire a developer to make your website compatible to the latest PHP version. If you need you can contact us for this task. We charge $50 to do update the PHP version for any website.

Note: Please took your website backup properly as sometime compatibility issue arise in website.

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